EstablishedJuly 2014
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Money Back Guarantee48 Hours


Pros and Cons

  • Intuitive workshop mod installer
  • Great support team
  • High prices
Example Package
Price$1.13 per slot
LocationNew York (US)


Configuration Options

Minimum Slots
Maximum Slots
Price per slot (8 slots)
Price per slot (24 slots)
Price for 8 slots
Price for 24 slots


Supported Platforms
Control Panel Type
DDoS Protection


Steam Workshop Mod Installer
Scheduled Tasks
Automatic Backups


Mod Support
Mod Manager GUI
1-Click Mod Install
Auto Updating Mods

Customer Support

Ticket System


Automatic Backups
Automatic Updates
Location Switching
FTP Access

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Logic Servers Interview

Hello! What’s your background and how did you come to manage a game server hosting company?

My name is Aidan Taylor, otherwise known as MouseyMars online and I am one of the directors here at LogicServers. I started the company a few years ago because of a few Youtubers/Streamers who resorted to hosting their game servers on a spare PC one of them had because of how terrible hosts they had used were. I started hosting their servers, and 6 months later LogicServers launched. The main motivation was for people to have a good experience both in-game and while running the server, with support that actually helps you rather than giving useless replies for days until you go away.

What’s your favorite game at the moment?

My favourite game right now I think is Destiny, and they recently released a new expansion. Outside of that I love games like Dishonored, Bioshock and Halo.

When was the company created? How many people work at the company?

We're hosting server since 2014 and we currently have a team of 6 people working here.

What went into first building the company and what were the first few months like?

We had to make sure the service we wanted to offer was good enough, so before we launched the Youtubers and streamers basically tested it for us and they’re actually still using the same service now.

The first few months were exciting, and a little stressful because we suddenly had a lot of demand and we met some scaling issues.

How many customers are you serving? How are you growing the company's customer base?

We currently host around 2/3k game servers and we grow through various methods such as being on comparison websites such as BestArkHosting.com and the usual places like Google, Bing, Youtube, etc.

What are the most popular games the company is hosting? What are the most popular hosting locations?

The most popular games right now are ARK, 7 Days to Die, Minecraft - basically survival games. Rend just came out so that’s trending too. Location wise, it’s London, Stockholm, New York and Dallas that are in demand.

What are the difficulties of running a hosting company that your users might not know about?

Shipping is not very fun, there’s a lot that goes into making sure our servers are build, shipped and racked so that we’ve always got something available for customers. Running updates on Windows servers is a huge annoyance, they’re slow to update and sometimes servers don’t like to come back up for a while after the reboot.

What sets you apart from other game server hosting companies?

Our support team will go out of their way to help you were ever they can and we own most of our hardware, so we control everything from network to the RAM DIMMs and we under-fill all our nodes so that customers can upgrade easily and enjoy a better experience with more CPU/RAM to use.

Customer support is a delicate issue for hosting companies. How are you handling it?

I think we handle support very well, when more difficult queries come in staff all talk and try to solve it. We all know our stuff so when we must investigate in most cases we read what you say and immediately know the issue then we fix it and let you know what happened / what fix we did for you.

What are your goals and focus for the company going forward?

The main goal is to expand while keeping the high quality of services we offer and we’re also working on getting our site translated into different languages along with hiring staff fluent in those languages.

Anything else you'd like to add?

As part of the service for any customers wanting to move to us, we offer a free migration service which includes moving all your files and installing any mods or command lines required to get the server going.

The mod installer we have for ARK, Dark & Light and PixARK is one of the fastest of any game server company with most updates only taking less than a minute.